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Do you ever think about how some people were so afraid the world would end 2 YEARS AGO?

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You me and the dj dancing till the break of dawn…

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Happy 6th anniversary U-KISS!

It’s been an eventful 6 years full of ups and downs but as usual you’ve pulled through and showed us just how resilient you all are. I hope to see you all grow and extend yourselves even further in the years to come, and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors, whatever they may be and wherever they may lead you. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences and congratulations, U-KISS!

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Happy 6th Anniversary U-Kiss♡
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Ok. Tumblr should really delete the “theme garden promo” that appears after sometime when you’re editing the html of your theme.

It moves the update, save and go back options up so that you can’t see and use them anymore. After clicking the X button multiple times it didn’t disappear either. I had to change the code of the page to make it go away.

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Theme #025 / TVXQ x U-KISS x B.A.P
requested by kissmecassiopeia

images | code

- 20 custom links
- Change your DP
- Change the background color
- Change title and text colors
- Change link colors
- Change the opacity

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affserjack said: Yes but I want to see that picture


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I should totally bring this up again 

Omg serena pls

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Happy Soohyun is happy (*ˊ▽ˋ*)

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I was a bit bored so I did a make up thing

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Supporting Jun and U-kiss 


Supporting Jun and U-kiss