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Ok. Tumblr should really delete the “theme garden promo” that appears after sometime when you’re editing the html of your theme.

It moves the update, save and go back options up so that you can’t see and use them anymore. After clicking the X button multiple times it didn’t disappear either. I had to change the code of the page to make it go away.

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Theme #025 / TVXQ x U-KISS x B.A.P
requested by kissmecassiopeia

images | code

- 20 custom links
- Change your DP
- Change the background color
- Change title and text colors
- Change link colors
- Change the opacity

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affserjack said: Yes but I want to see that picture


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I should totally bring this up again 

Omg serena pls

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Happy Soohyun is happy (*ˊ▽ˋ*)

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I was a bit bored so I did a make up thing

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Supporting Jun and U-kiss 


Supporting Jun and U-kiss 

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[Serenades to Soohyun 34/]

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"ye soohyun u can sing well but we’re looking for a pretty boy group full of handsome ppl and u just dun make the cut"

*debuts ukiss with this*


fucking beyonce would look like a mutilated frog with this concept what the frick, NH?!

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Sorry to nag, but honestly now… isn’t it hypocritical? Stating ‘rules’ and just ignoring them like that?

I’m really not trying to attack anyone, but it would be nice to have, let’s say, some sort of ‘justice’.

For kpop music mondays S&M used to review the number one most voted on music video. To keep it more fun for themselves they stated from a moment they would choose the one they liked best for a kmm out of the most voted on ones. That much, of course, I understand. I also understand that filming a kmm for a music video that just got out is too much to ask.

Having all that said, what happened to kpop music mondays? The chart that should be the key to what it will be about is just randomly ignored. That meaning sometimes it isn’t even a kpop music monday, but a ‘whatever the heck we feel like filming monday’.

This week’s music monday is simply unfair. People voted on their favorite artists, so S&M might choose their mv, but then Psy gets reviewed, while he wasn’t on the top 10 and it came out way too late to film a kmm for if it wouldn’t have been him.

He would’ve made the list next week, so why ignore the ‘rules’ you set yourself? That’s just unfair to those who vote in hopes you stick to the initial idea. Why even have people vote if you’re going to do whatever you want anyway?

Even if both Simon and Martina are nice people, this isn’t right. These ‘rules’ I talked about before are also promises to those you call fans. Fans who made it possible for you to get where you are now. Sticking with what you say would be fair to them I’d say.

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If you want KissMes to support this comeback, encourage them to focus on the song instead of starting a civil war over the MV


After spending a day scrolling through the comments for Don’t Flirt, I’ve decided to sit this comeback out. This is a very personal choice I made after a lot of thinking and debating. I love the song, and I will always support UKiss no matter how NH Media changes their image, but I can’t say the…